A tag on a fitted sheet.

Where Does the Tag Go on a Fitted Sheet?

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Tag Basics

Tags can be found on the corner of fitted sheets and mattress pads. Generally, they are located at the top of one of the corners and made from either paper or fabric material. The tag will often contain general information about the product such as care instructions, size, manufacturer information and other important details. It is important to read through this tag thoroughly to ensure that you are using your fitted sheet correctly and in accordance with its instructions. Additionally, if you ever need to return your fitted sheet for any reason it is important that you keep the original tag intact so it can be verified by the store or manufacturer.

Step 1: Finding the Tag

Finding the tag on a fitted sheet can be tricky. It’s usually located somewhere along the seam, but it can vary depending on the brand. Generally, it will either be at one corner or along one of the sides near a corner. If you can’t see it right away, look closely around each side or gently fold back the fabric and look inside. Once you find it, make sure to check what type of care instructions are printed on it—some sheets need to be washed in cold water while others should only be spot-cleaned or dry cleaned. This will ensure that your sheets stay looking good for years to come! Additionally, if there’s no tag attached at all, then assume that machine washing is safe for that particular set of sheets.

Step 2: Identifying the Corners

Once you’ve determined the corners of your fitted sheet, it’s important to know where to place the tag. Most tags are usually found at one of the two top-left or bottom-right corners. To locate this corner, first identify the sewn seam that runs along the side and bottom edge of your fitted sheet. At the end of this seam will be a pocketed corner with an opening facing up towards you. This is typically where manufacturers place their labels and tags on a fitted sheet. Depending on how tightly tucked in your sheets are, you may need to tug gently at each corner to expose the opening at each pocketed corner. The pocket will be slightly larger than other seams so you should easily be able to find it. Once located, simply turn over your sheet and check for any labels or tags that have been attached in this corner – this is likely where they’ll be placed!

Step 3: Fitting the Sheet

Before you begin, make sure the fitted sheet is the correct size for your mattress. Unfold the sheet and spread it over the mattress. Starting at one corner, tuck in the end of the elastic onto that corner of your mattress. Stretch and smooth out the rest of the sheet as you go around each side of your bed. Make sure to pull tight so that there are no wrinkles or baggy spots on your fitted sheet when finished. Anchor each corner with either a safety pin or an upholstery tack depending on which method you prefer. This will help keep them in place while sleeping and laundering them later on. Finish by tucking in any remaining edges underneath the mattress so they do not come loose during sleep or washing cycles. Your fitted sheet is now properly secured to your mattress!

Step 4: Adjusting the Tag

Once the sheet is fitted correctly to the mattress, it’s time to adjust the tag. The tag goes on the bottom corner of the flat side of the sheet, near where your feet go when you are in bed. In some cases, there may be a label with an arrow indicating where it should be placed. If there isn’t one present, place it close to where your toes will touch when lying down. Make sure that all four corners are tucked in securely and that there is no excess fabric around them before you move onto placing the tag. For added security, use a few stitches to attach it in place so that it won’t come off easily when laundering or adjusting bedding.

Tips & Tricks

The tag on a fitted sheet should be placed on the outside edge of the corner elastic. This will make it easier to find when you’re looking for it, and won’t interfere with how the sheet fits over your mattress. To make sure you’re putting it in the right place, start at one of the corners and look for where all four pieces of elastic meet. That’s usually where you’ll find a small sewn-in loop or tab that holds the tag in place. It can be hard to spot, so take your time and feel around until you find it.

If there is no loop or tab, then just slip the tag through two of the elastics so that it is secure but still easily found when needed. Another option is to attach a safety pin to one corner elastic with the tag attached – this way you will never lose your sheet’s care instructions!


In conclusion, the tag on a fitted sheet should be placed in the top corner of the sheet. This is so that it’s visible and easy to read for anyone who needs to check what size/type of fitted sheet it is. Fitted sheets are essential pieces of bedding and having an easily identifiable tag helps people determine which one they need. Additionally, when washing and caring for your fitted sheet, make sure to pay special attention to the tag as it could be prone to damage or fading if not taken care of properly. Following these instructions will ensure your fitted sheets last longer and look better over time.